# Understanding and Navigating 256ART

# What is 256ART?

256ART is an open platform for artists and collectors alike to create and collect fully in-chain generative art.

# What Does "Fully In-Chain" Mean?

One of the unique features of 256ART is the fully in-chain nature of the generative art released on the platform. Traditionally, in the world of generative art, the art script is (often) stored on-chain. This means that you can technically recreate the artwork from that script if you have the developer skills to do so. However, other elements, such as the metadata, live HTML, and static image, are usually linked to a centralized or IPFS URL.

With 256ART, both the metadata and live HTML are entirely built and stored fully in-chain. This approach provides the best perseverance of your art as the artwork and the details related to it are permanently stored on the blockchain, ensuring they will always be accessible and immune to any potential data loss issues associated with centralized storage.

On front-ends and marketplaces, if a centralized URL goes down, an NFT relying on this URL would no longer be visible. This problem is non-existent with 256ART's fully in-chain approach.

# Benefits of an Open Platform

256ART is an open platform, welcoming and empowering artists from all walks of life to create and sell their generative art. This openness benefits artists and collectors alike.

An open platform means a more dynamic and lively art scene. The constant influx of new artists and artwork ensures there's always something new and exciting to discover. This environment stimulates the continual growth and evolution of the platform and its community, allowing collectors to engage in an art ecosystem that's vibrant, fresh, and full of potential.

# Understanding the Tags

Tags on 256ART provide essential information about the artwork and can help you as a collector in navigating the platform:

  • OG: This tag is applied to the first eight series released on 256ART, before the platform transitioned to an open format. These OG artworks are stored on-chain, but not fully in-chain as the newer pieces. They represent a piece of 256ART's history and evolution.

  • Dynamic: Artworks tagged as Dynamic are capable of changing based on blockchain parameters. For example, artists could use the parameters tokenId, hash, ownerOfPiece, blockHash, blockNumber, prevrandao, totalSupply, or balanceOfOwner to influence the appearance of the art. This can lead to unique variations and experiences for different collectors.

  • Animated: This tag is pretty straightforward - it represents artworks that include animation elements.

  • Interactive: These pieces allow you to interact with them in some way, often leading to changes in the visual appearance or behavior of the artwork.

  • Sound: This tag indicates that the artwork includes sound elements, adding another dimension to the art viewing experience.

Remember, you can use these tags to filter artworks on the 256ART platform, helping you find the types of pieces that most interest you.